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Vertical-Shaped Islamic Art

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  • 'Adab of Dhikr' wall decal in a living room. Adab of the Dhikr $97.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Adab of the Dhikr (Tanzanite) Adab of the Dhikr (Canvas) $59.00
  • Allah (Maghribi Qandusi) Allah (Maghribi Qandusi) $47.00
  • Allah - Islamic metal art Allah - Maghribi Qandusi (Metal) $69.00
  • 'Amana Rasul' Islamic print with optional mahogany & gold frame Amana Rasul - Framed Print (Limited Edition) $295.00
  • 'Amana Rasul' high quality Islamic print Amana Rasul - Print Only (Limited Edition) $95.00
  • 'Ayat al-Kursi' Islamic wall decal Ayat Al-Kursi (Round Kanan) $187.00
  • Ayat al-Kursi (Square Kufic) Ayat al-Kursi (Square Kufic) $65.00
  • "Be and It Is (Kun Fayakun)" Islamic wall decal. Be And It Is (Kun Fayakun) $65.00
  • Bismillah (Kufic Vertical) Bismillah (Kufic Vertical) $23.00
  • Busy Your Nafs (Roman Carving) Busy Your Nafs (Roman Carving) $71.00
  • Busy Your Nafs (Swash) Busy Your Nafs (Swash) $95.00
  • Islamic Wall Decal of a Rabbana Quranic Dua (Arabic Only) Give Us Good (Family Dua #2) $87.00
  • Islamic "House Rules" print ("NO") in an ÖRKENED frame. House Rules (2-Piece Print Set) $39.00
  • 'House Rules' Islamic wall decal in a Victorian Playbill style. House Rules (Victorian Playbill) $107.00
  • House Rules: Muraqaba House Rules: Muraqaba $125.00
  • Joy of Eyes - Islamic Wall Decal (Arabic only) Joy of Our Eyes (Family Dua #1) $87.00
  • My Success is Only With Allah (11:88) My Success is Only With Allah (11:88) $37.00
  • O Beloved of Those Who Long O Beloved of Those Who Long $51.00
  • Islamic Wall Decal Set of a Rabbana Quranic Dua (with Translation) Rabbana Duas (2-Piece Set) $147.00
  • Sandal by Uns (Geometric) Sandal by Uns (Geometric) $57.00
  • Whatsoever Blessing You Have (16:53) Whatsoever Blessing You Have (16:53) $35.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Whatsoever Blessings (Contemplation) Whatsoever Blessings (Canvas) $59.00
  • Ya Fattah, Ya Salaam Ya Fattah, Ya Salaam $63.00
  • Ya Mughni Ya Mughni $49.00 $43.95
  • Your God is One (Thuluth) Your God is One (Thuluth) $35.00
  • Zarruq's Basic Principles Zarruq's Basic Principles $97.00
  • ‘He loves them, and they love him’ islamic sculpture ‘He Loves Them & They Love Him’ Sculpture (Limited Edition) $3,900.00
  • ‘Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum’ sculpture ‘Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum’ Sculpture (Limited Edition) $3,500.00

Vertical-Shaped Islamic Wall Art

Browse our vast selection of vertical pieces of Islamic art in various formats such as decals, canvas and prints designed by some of the world's best Muslim artists.

They are perfect for spaces that are more horizontal in shape. These pieces vary from near square to 6x as high as wide.

Each piece is a work of art that does what Islamic decor should do: transform your home into a reflection of Allah's Beauty and Majesty.

Remember: We have a 365-day return policy with 100% satisfaction guarantee which means no-risk shopping for you.

What are you waiting for? Get your vertical-shaped Islamic artwork from Irada today!