Be & It is - Kun Fayakun (Steel)

Made on demand. Metal artwork usually takes 1–4 weeks to complete.
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This is one beautiful composition that will transform almost any vertical space to a reminder of Allah’s complete and unlimited power to change any situation. It will help remind you  that no matter what situation you may find yourself, all it takes is Allah willing to change the situation and it will simply change. In fact, Allah often connects this phrase with things that seem impossible for disbelievers such as the creation of Adam from dirt, Jesus being born without a father, and our ressurection after death. He also connects it in regards to his unlimited power when He describes His creation of the heavens and earth.  It is so central to our belief that Allah has made it one of the most common phrases found in the Quran, occurring eight times so that we never forget that we are only one accepted dua away from having any difficult situation changed for us. This lovely composition was masterfully produced by one of the world’s most influential calligraphers, Ustadh Mohammed Behiri to capture the spirit of this powerful Divine saying.

Wording: كُن فَيَكُونُ 
Translation: “‘Be’ and it is!” (large central letters); 
Source: The Holy Quran: 3:47
Artist: Ustadh Mohammad Behiri & Besim Bruncaj
Script: Thuluth

Material: Stainless steel (brushed) or coated/painted steel (depending on the finishing you select).
Thickness: Between 1mm – 1.5mm, depending on the size. This is about as thick as most coins.
Pieces: The smallest sizes come as a single piece, while all other sizes come as two, easy to place pieces. 
How to Mount It:  Hang it on 2–6 screws/nails (depending on the size of the artwork).

We do our best to make it spotless and clean but may be slight imperfections on the artwork that will be too subtle to notice at a distance. 
Production Time: It can take up to 4 weeks to make, with an average of about 10 days. If you need a piece urgently please WhatsApp us at +962 776714633. 
Special Finishing: We may need an extra 2–10 business days if you select a special coated finishing (e.g. gold, copper, black steel).

Matching Artwork: We have designed a matching artwork that will complement this artwork perfectly. See our “Thy Lord, Magnify” artwork for details.


  • 5

    Posted by Khalil Dean on 12th Aug 2021

    I love this marvellous fine Islamic calligraphy in brushed steel work hang on my lounge wall. I look at it everyday and it brings me joy every time! Thank you Irada Arts to produce this top quality product and I am very happy with your service and will make future purchases again. Khalil.

  • 5
    Very Prompt

    Posted by Marzira Binte Mohamad Yusof on 15th Jul 2020

    Very prompt in replying my queries. Especially that it was an online purchase and of high value, the assurance given was really appreciated and give me sense of comfort … I have made a return order too. :)