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Multicolored Islamic Decals Al-Falaq & Al-Nas steel artwork Shahada [Thuluth Arch] - Islamic Decal Whatsoever Blessing You Have (16:53) - Islamic Decal Ala Bi Dhikrillah (Quran 13:28) in Taliq Script - Islamic Decal Free Bismillah decal gift Ayat al-Kursi - Islamic Decal

Islamic Wall Art

We design and produce stunning, exclusive Islamic
wall art by the world‘s
greatest Muslim artists
and calligraphers. Get
ready to be amazed!
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Best Sellers
  • Islamic Decal - Ayat al-Kursi
    Ayat al-Kursi (Kanan)

    This exquisitely majestic decal, written in the Thuluth script, consists of Ayat al-Kursi is customizable in 1–3 colors …
    Available in 4 sizes & many colors

  • Islamic Art - Shahada [Thuluth Arch]
    Shahada [Thuluth Arch]

    This short yet weighty phrase is the entire point of the religion of Islam.  7 sizes & many colors

  • Al-Rahman Tughra Islamic Wall Decal
    Al-Rahman Tughra (Decal)

    This stunning, 2-colored artwork will transform your home instantly …
     7 sizes & many colors

  • Islamic Art - Ayat al-Kursi [Square Kufic]
    Ayat al-Kursi [Square Kufic]

    The Verse of the Throne is one of the well-known verses of the Holy Quran.  Available in 7 sizes & many colors

Islamic decal set: Duas for family
Kufi Islamic decals
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Kufi Islamic decals

What Customers Say

  • Looks Amazing!

    We have recently put up the Irada wall art that we received, using the instructions on your website. Alhamdulillah, we found the instructions straight-forward and easy to follow. The art looks amazing! It immediately catches one's attention when walking in the kitchen, and by this, immediately reminded to make Dhikr. As someone said in your instructional video "it gives the room soul". — Bilan and Jaafar

  • Very Pleased

    My shopping experience with Irada Islamic Wall Art was wonderful. I was very pleased with the affordable cost and expeditious arrival. The instructions with a sample test sticker were an added bonus because I watched the tutorial on the website and was not expecting the added help. InshaAllah I will be shopping with them a lot more in the future. — Fatima A. (Decatur, Georgia, USA)

  • Incredible

    Amazing company; you are the best. Incredible customer service too with prompt responses and advice. Thanks. — Nabil Hawa (Egham, UK)

  • Breathtaking Work

    Last week, we placed the art on the wall with ease. I was worried about putting the work up. In the end, the process was straight-forward. The piece looks striking and inspires a sense of awe in the room. Truly, a beautiful reminder of priorities amidst the chaos of everyday life. Two of my friends placed orders as well. We found the service outstanding. Integrity and ihsan in business interactions seem to be Irada's standard practices. — Rahila R. (Ontario, Canada)

  • The Finest!

    Irada Arts provides a very beautiful product. I have three of their works as well as one customized piece on its way. Each piece has certainly brought life and freshness into my home. It's not just a work of art but a form of dhikr, I notice an increase in my heart each day that I casually gaze at it. Thank you Irada Arts for an inspiring product and wonderful service. — Mohamad N. (Singapore)

  • Quick & Awesome

    I loved that the order arrived so quickly. The quality and design were awesome. — Muhammad S. (Horsley, Australia)

  • Beautiful & Stylish!

    Quality of artwork, flexibility of Irada staff, prompt customer service responses, stylish aesthetically appealing pieces. Beautiful! — Hanan F. (Dubai, UAE)

  • Excellent

    Delivery time is excellent! — Hamza A. (Pretoria, South Africa)

  • Very Content

    MashAllah Irada Art is an amazing way to decorate one's home or Masjid. I purchased a couple of pieces and my community and I are very content. May Allah reward you with the best of this life as well as the next. — Hamza Perez (Pittsburgh, PA, US)

  • High Quality

    Excellent all around. Products are excellent, and the company is a pleasure to deal with. I purchased several items from them over a few years. They consistently delivered products of high quality that I have adorning my home. I have had no issues with them whatsoever. Highly recommended. — Tariq AlRaisi (Muscat, Oman)

  • Very happy!

    AlhamduliLlah, after ordering my artwork I wasn't expecting it would arrive as promptly as it did. The artwork was absolutely magnificent as described by Irada. Very happy! — Rajul (London, UK)

  • Unique and elegant

    Easy to chose and place orders, excellent customer service, great quality products. I thought the artwork will not be good quality but I found it's great quality and easy to install. — Rula E. (Georgia, USA)

  • What a reminder!

    I put up the art in my living room. As soon as you walk into the room, the art stands out prominently and definately stops traffic. Everyone who has seen is struck by it. Islamic calligraphy is not only beautiful but, more importantly, it reminds the viewer/reader of the Sublime nature of the One who we all aspire to meet. I am looking forward to seeing your venture grow. — Hussein H. (Burlington, ON, Canada)

  • Beautiful!

    I'm often very nervous ordering products from overseas, especially large pieces of artwork. I was so impressed at how quickly my product travelled from Jordan to U.K. My artwork was packaged so well, it was in beautiful condition and I would certainly order from you guys again. I've had so many compliments as it was a gift, and the person I'd gifted it told me it was the best present he had ever received. I have passed your website to family and friends. Thank you so much. — Prianka L. (Manchester, UK)

  • Mesmerizing

    These pieces are so unique. [They] almost look painted on the wall, so it gives this organic, symbiotic feel. Yet, the crispness of the images makes it stand out. The selection of designs is great. Great job, Irada, masha'Allah! I look forward to putting up more pieces in the future and telling more people about it, insha'Allah :). The effort of putting it up was really worth it. They serve as beautiful reminders, masha'Allah. — Sanaa M. (Ottowa, Canada)

  • Beautiful

    I was not sure if it would stick well but it came out wonderfully. I love walking into my room and it gives a sense of peace seeing this art. I would definitely recommend Irada because it came out exactly as the website had pictured it! My mother and I had no problem putting it up and it looks beautiful, aH. :) — Sanah A. (Elgin, IL, United States)

  • Awesome

    Highly recommended. These are easy to put up and have an impact on the room since they appear to be part of the wall and not separate since there is no frame and no hanging involved. My initial concerns revolved around putting up a decal on the wall and how well it would stick. The instructions for putting it up were great and it ended up being pretty straightforward. It has been well admired by all who have seen it. Well worth it. Will be getting some more, Inshallah. — Ahmad M. (Richmond, BC, Canada)

  • We love this!

    Irada's products are wonderful. Who doesn't need a constant reminder of Allah SWT? Imam Ali said, "Every statement in which God is not mentioned is a vanity. Every silence in which there is no thought of Him is carelessness. Every reflection in which there is no consideration of Him is an idle pastime." Irada's products help increase those reminders in your life! It was easy to apply after watching Irada's how-to video on YouTube and took under 10 minutes. — Mary N. (Cary, NC, USA)

  • Breathtaking

    I would recommend Irada because their products are outstanding and breathtaking. You can put the decals anywhere in your home and you won't go wrong, that's the beauty of it all. The quality was far beyond what I had expected and easy to install. I have my Jalala (ALLAH) in my living room for all to see, (pause)..... my heart is filled with joyful, joyful, tears. (pause)....... ALHAMDULILLAH, thank you Irada. — Rasheedah A. (Meherrin, VA, United States)

  • Great product great service

    It really elevates our living room which finally looks complete with the blessings of the Holy Quran. My friends all loved the idea and creative way of displaying the quote and were Masha Allah very pleased with how beautiful it looks. I have a grey wall and the quote is white, it really adds a great contrast to the room. I look forward to purchasing more items in the future. — Asma K. (Canada)

  • Perfect fit!

    This is a great way to be surrounded by reminders of Allah. I love the statement it makes in the house. It's very attractive and unique. I have seen wall decals before, but having Verses from Quran or Hadeeth and in Arabic is even better. We have two wall arts in our home and feel it makes our home that much better. Alhamdulillah! You are all doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. JazakAllah khair. — Rafia M. (Gaithersburg, MD, US)

  • A nice touch

    The Irada Arts piece adds a nice touch to our living room and is a beautiful way to remember those who should be remembered. — Umm Nur (Amman, Jordan)

  • Beautiful

    I'd recommend this product for its simplistic beauty, hassle-free application and friendly customer service from Irada Arts. — Z. Nayani (United Kingdom)

  • Ordered some more

    I just wanted you to know how happy I was with your product. I ordered one of your decals and placed it on an old painting that I had. It looks beautiful masha'Allah and the colors match my living room very nicely. I've also just ordered two more decals from your company and plan on doing something similar with those as well. Thanks for everything you do. — Saira K. (Cypress, Texas, USA)

  • LOVE IT!!

    Just put up the Irada artwork that I got from RIS conference in Toronto … LOVE IT!! Might be buying more inshalla … Good job!! Plus it was a breeze to apply even though it was very detailed :) — Hanadie N. (Toronto, Canada)

  • An incredible feel

    My Irada wall art added an incredible feel and aura in my apartment. — Mariam K. (Virginia, United States of America)

  • Absolutely Beautiful

    I've already recommended a friend to buy it! — Mohammad K. (Greater Manchester, UK)

  • A Breathtakingly Beautiful Visual

    I love the "Bismallah" wall art and have placed it on the wall just inside my entryway. It is such a breathtakingly beautiful visual of how we strive to conduct ourselves as Muslims. The decal was very easy to apply in just a few minutes and it is the focal point of that room. — Khadija F (New Hampshire, US)

  • It looks fantastic!

    Insha'Allah we will remember, glorify, and thank Allah each time we see it. The items arrived carefully packaged with detailed instructions. The script was nice. It looks fantastic and the quality is good. it is a great way to decorate your home and create a spiritual environment. — Shazia A. (Texas, United States)

  • Up-lifter

    Alongside the beautiful design and excellent quality of the merchandise, I was particularly impressed by the evident passion that fuels the work of Irada arts. The beauty of the calligraphy really lifts me each time I walk past it. — Shahida

  • So Easy To Apply!

    My husband and I were a little intimidated to put up such a big piece (we got the XL) but we found that applying the Irada Arts was not only easy but fun. From a design standpoint, this art is classy, modern, and very unique. I plan on giving Irada Art Gift Cards as housewarming gifts from now on since I truly believe that this kind of art matches our time and values. — Farah A. (California, USA)

  • Spiritual fusion

    It's absolutely mesmerizing. Every time I look up at my wall I am reminded of the Prophet (PBUH), and that in itself is a blessing. Art that goes beyond mere imagery, but towards remembrance. I would recommend to my friends and family! — Noora

  • Beautiful Reminder — Better than TV!

    Every time I get visitors they tell me that I should buy a big screen T.V. to fill in the large space in my bookshelf. Alhamdulillah now with this beautiful artwork filling in the empty space it not only reminds me and all of my guests of Allah it also saves me the trouble of trying to explain … Thank you again for a beautiful reminder! — Medina C. (Bridgeport, CT, US)

  • Taking heart to Him

    I put it on the wall where we make dhikr and listen to Islamic lessons. It changes the whole atmosphere of the room and takes us nearer to Him. I cannot express the feeling of my heart while listening to Islamic lessons sitting under this beautiful backdrop. — KZ (NY, United States of America)

  • A Divine Touch

    You can feel the difference in your room when you have an Islamic wall art up. Ever since I put up my Shadhili Huwa wall art, it was almost as if there was a Divine touch to the room. I personally found wall arts to be much more powerful in changing the atmosphere of the room than a picture frame. — Basim S. (Markham, Canada)

  • I love it!

    I was introduced to this site by a wonderful young lady who bought me a gift card as a gesture of "thank you", and she couldn't have chosen a better gift. I love how it looks on my wall, and definitely a good reminder for us all. — Maksura A. (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

  • Looks Amazing msA

    The artwork is amazing and contemporary. Easy to apply and the sample picture sent with my order was a really nice treat. Thanks! Why don't large masjids use this artwork? — Abdul A. (Illinois, United States)

  • Great housewarming gift

    I would recommend Irada because the customer service and product were both great. The response by others viewing the product was very positive. The instructions for applying the product were helpful and the product was a beautiful accessory for the room. I bought this as a housewarming gift for my brother and he loved it alhamdolilah! It definitely accentuated the wall piece between the living room and the kitchen and inshaAllah it serves as a reminder. — Rana B. (Illinois, US)

  • Excellent Product & Fast Service

    Thank you for the excellent product and the excellent, fast service! I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Looking forward to more designs! — Asiyah S. (Canada)

  • A beautiful daily reminder

    The art you offer are beautiful. It's the kind of art I wanted in my home. I wasn't able to find anything like this where I live and was so excited to find this website. Thank you. It creates a very peaceful feeling to my living space. I wasn't sure how easy it would be to put up … but I was patient and I didn't have any problems with it. Just a beautiful daily reminder to be grateful. — Julie C. (Portland, Oregon USA)


Why Irada?

  • No 1 Excellence
    We strive for absolute perfection in every single part of the organization: research, design, decal production, shipping, customer service, website. No detail is too small for us not to do with excellence.
  • No 2 Artistry
    Every single letter and dot of every piece has been meticulously crafted by artisans who are trained in, and passionate about, their fields of artistry. If you are going to buy Islamic art, then buy real art made by real artists.
  • No 3 Timeless Beauty
    The famous hadith tells us that “Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty”. Real beauty is not some “modern art” fad. Like classic Islamic art, it's that which lasts and inspires beyond time and place. Irada only sells museum-quality Islamic art
    for the ages.
  • No 4 Majestic
    Our Islamic decals free the calligraphy from the frame, empowering it to reign supreme. Free your wall space for our big, majestic, stunning works of art that are quite amazing to behold.
    This is how Islamic art should be:
    bold and beautiful!
  • No 5 Simplicity
    We strive to keep everything as simple and easy for you as possible: simple designs, instructions, website, service, returns, etc. Our goal:
    100% simplicity /
    0% complexity!
  • No 6 Love
    Whether you fell in love at first sight (like Jane & Mr Bingley) or there was an initial hesitation (like Elizabeth & Mr Darcy) the end result is still the same: once Irada's Islamic decals are in your home you can’t help but fall in love (just look at the testimonials to the left)!
  • No 7 Divine
    Putting up an Irada art is one of the best ways to help turn your home into a reflection of the Divine, setting the tone for all who enter that this is a house centered around Allah’s remembrance, Glory and Exalted be He!
  • No 8 Modern Classics
    Although decals are a modern material, our artwork is designed according to timeless concepts such as form, rhythm, measure, and proportion, bridging the gap between modern Western aesthetics and ageless traditional beauty.
  • No 9 Experience
    Not only did Irada's owners make their first set of Islamic decals years ago, but our design team is filled with clasically-trained artisans who have long been teaching the Islamic arts.
    Ain't no amateurs here!
  • No 10 Clear Shipping
    Many retailers quote you a low product price and then leave you stuck paying expensive and/or complex shipping fees. We charge a flat $5 for EXPRESS SHIPPING to EVERY country in the world on all decals, prints and rolled canvas artwork. Simple, cheap, fast & clear!
  • No 11 Integrity
    We have noticed dozens of companies that have sprung up selling amateur “Islamic art” with grossly distorted letters and/or cheesy fonts. Although we could charge less by cutting corners and going that route, we refuse to compromise our tradition for a quick buck.
  • No 12 365-Day Returns
    We stand firmly behind all the artwork we produce. We offer a 365-day return policy. No need to explain a thing. We strongly believe that once you finally get some of our Islamic decals in your hand no one will be able to pry them from you!
  • No 13 100% Guarantee
    We stand firmly behind every artwork we produce. Each one is guaranteed to last 4–9 years on any indoor flat wall or your money back. Buy some and test our guarantee. You won't regret it!
  • No 14 Giving Back
    Make a difference while decorating your home! Irada donates 10% of profits towards the needy, such as refugees and education initiatives.
  • No 15 Witr
    Allah is Witr (single) and loves witr (odd numbers). We love them too so we added a 15th one just for the baraka! :)
Free returns and exchanges on all our Islamic wall art