Allah & Muhammad - Qandusi (Steel)

Made on demand. Metal artwork usually takes 1–4 weeks to complete.
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This 2-piece artwork set – written in the exquisite Qandusi style of Maghribi script, is a testament to the beautiful yet majestic nature of Allah and His Noble Prophet (peace be upon him). Through this 2-artwork set, hearts are reminded to remember Allah and send salawat and deepen their connection with the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Make these stunning artworks a part of your home, workspace, or organization, and let it serve as a constant reminder of the Prophet’s exemplary life and teachings. Inspired by the unique calligraphy style of the Maghribi Shaykh and calligrapher, Sh. Al-Qandusi along with inspiration by Frank Lloyd Wright’s style and Christopher Alexander's design principles, the interplay of horizontal and vertical lines enhances the dynamic energy of the piece, perfectly complementing modern decor.


Wording: الله and محمد
 Allah, Muhammad

 Shaykh Qandusi & Besim Bruncaj
Script: Maghribi (Qandusi)  
Material: Stainless steel (for brushed and mirrored finishing) or steel for other finishing

 Between 1mm – 1.5mm, depending on the size. This is about as thick as most coins. 
How to Mount It:  Hang it on 3–6 screws (depending on the size of the artwork).
Variations: There are subtle variations for each sizes of this artwork (e.g. the horizontal strokes are relatively thicker in the smaller sizes but the overall composition is the same as well as more holes for hanging for the larger sizes)

Note: We do our best to make it spotless and clean but may be slight imperfections on the artwork that will be too subtle to notice at a distance. 
Pieces: This artwork comes as a single piece.
Production Time:
It can take up to 4 weeks to make, with an average of about 18 days. If you need a piece urgently please WhatsApp us at +962 776714633. 
Special Finishing: We may need an extra 2–10 business days if you select a special coated finishing (e.g. gold, copper, black steel).