Allah - Vertical Thuluth (Steel)

Made on demand. Metal artwork usually takes 1–4 weeks to complete.
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Our journey in creating this artwork begins with a simple yet profound aspiration: to create a piece that encapsulates the essence of Islamic spirituality in its purest form and the ascent of the soul, namely a simple writing of the Name of Allah.

We envisioned a piece that would not only adorn a space but also elevate the spirit.

Our quest was to find a design that transcended the ordinary, a form that reached towards the heavens while embodying the simplicity and purity of faith. Not only that but we wanted the composition to be a perfect balance between an ethereal beauty (Jamali) and the regal majesty (Jalali) in a way that befits the name of Allah.

Armed with a lofty goal, we embarked on a creative odyssey, exploring the depths of artistic expression, seeking that elusive harmony.

The path was fraught with trials. Countless designs were conceived and discarded, each attempt bringing us closer to our goal yet still falling short of our vision. Each one lacked something of what we were looking for, either not vertical enough or veering too much to one side of the Jalali-Jamali spectrum. This journey became a test of our resolve and creativity. It was hard to keep frustration from mounting. Days bled into weeks, and the perfect expression remained elusive.

In a moment of serendipity reflection, something amazing happened. As I was working on an order for our "Whatsoever Blessings You have is from Allah" composition, inspiration hit.

The top-most inscription, "Allah," written in a breathtakingly simple, vertical style by the great master Abbas al-Baghdadi, held a captivating beauty. It was as if a veil had lifted, revealing the answer we had been searching for all along. Its vertical design, reminiscent of the reaching minarets, symbolizes the believer's aspirations toward the divine, creating a visual symphony of grace and spirituality.


It’s funny because this was one of the first artworks we added to Irada, and the first we ever received of Baghdadi’s catalog. And it was here, in the existing, that we found the unexpected. This piece, which had been with us all along, held the key to our quest. The realization struck us with the force of a revelation. The design we sought had been with us all along, hidden in plain sight, waiting to be recognized!

Abbas al-Baghdadi was a master calligrapher from Iraq who passed away in 2023 after a long fight witih cancer. His unwavering commitment and loyalty to Ottoman calligraphy's strict measures inspired the artwork you see here. His works are a testament to the elegance of Ottoman precision and the distinct majesty of Iraqi tradition.

This serendipitous discovery was our turning point. We had found our ideal: a composition that soared in vertical splendor and resonated with profound simplicity. The artwork began to take shape, embodying the balance between majesty and beauty.

With renewed purpose, we set out to bring this vision to life, to create a piece that bridged the gap between tradition and innovation, between the earthly and the divine. The road back was a journey of inspiration and realization.

The original, however, was not quite right for steel, where letters must connect into a single form. This required work from the team to adapt it for a new material it was not originally written for. We went through dozens of edits to try to get the right shape. The intricate process of translating the delicate strokes of calligraphy into a brushed metal masterpiece demanded unwavering focus and meticulous attention to detail. Every curve, every flourish, had to embody the spirit of the original while translating seamlessly into the new medium.

After a long struggle, the Allah Thuluth Vertical emerged as a masterpiece of spiritual elegance, a testament to the journey we had undertaken. It was a celebration of the balance between the majestic and the beautiful, a symbol of the purity and simplicity of our faith.

With its sleek stainless steel form, this artwork is a beacon of this divine inspiration. The material itself – resilient, enduring, and reflective – mirrors the timeless nature of the divine message it bears. Each stroke and curve of the Thuluth script is meticulously etched into the metal, capturing the light and casting shadows that dance with the day. This interplay of light and material brings to life the Jalali majesty and spiritual depth imbued in al-Baghdadi’s original calligraphy.

This artwork is more than just a piece of metal; it's a narrative of discovery, a reminder of the serendipitous nature of life, where the answers we seek are often closer than we think. It invites you to embark on your own journey of faith, to find beauty in simplicity, and to discover the divine in the details.

This art piece is a rare gem, a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional calligraphy, offering an exclusive touch to your space. It is a testament to the expertise of the calligraphers, designers and craftsmen at Irada Arts, who have poured their hearts into creating a work for you that transcends time and trends.

Embrace the exclusivity and beauty of this Allah (Thuluth Vertical) steel artwork. Let it be a symbol of your connection to a rich tradition, a source of inspiration, and a focal point of admiration in your home.

Allah, Mighty and Majestic is one Divine name which encompasses all of Allah's 99 Beautiful names. The Named behind this Name is He who has been worshipped throughout eons, and amongst different nations and tribes, including from the time of the earliest people of Adam, peace be upon him, up to our present time, amongst the Ummah of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. Let this Name written in the exquisite Thuluth style by the calligrapher Ustadh Abbas al-Baghdadi prompt you to shift your focus on Allah, our Lord the Most High.

Wording: اللّه
Translation: God

Original Artist: Ustadh Abbas al-Baghdadi (adjusted for metal)
Script: Thuluth  

Material: Stainless steel (brushed) or coated/painted steel (depending on the finishing you select).
Thickness: Between 1mm – 1.5mm, depending on the size. This is about as thick as most coins. 
How to Mount It:  Hang it on 2–4 screws/nails (depending on the size of the artwork).

Variations: There are very slight variations for different sizes of this artwork, namely that those sized Large and above is made as two pieces.
Note: We do our best to make it spotless and clean but may be slight imperfections on the artwork that will be too subtle to notice at a distance. 
Pieces: Depending on the size you select, the artwork will either come in 1–2 pieces. 

Production Time:
It takes approximately 1–4 weeks to make, with an average of about 2.5 weeks. If you need one urgently please WhatsApp us at +962 776714633. 
Special Finishing: We may need an extra 1–3 weeks if you select a special coated finishing (e.g. gold, copper, black steel).


  • 5
    Excellent Thoughtful Service

    Posted by C. Darville on 8th Mar 2024

    It is a pleasure to work with Irada. The products are excellent, but more important the people are helpful, thoughtful and welcoming. My custom piece was made exactly as we discussed and packaging was the best I have ever received. Looking forward to receiving my second order. Thank you very much. Wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

  • 5

    Posted by Barb Slater on 9th May 2021

    We are more than pleased with the item. The customer service was also excellent and we appreciated that.

  • 5

    Posted by Mohammed Uzzal on 5th Nov 2020

    What art style, a tremendous calligraphy cut of “Allah”. May Allah bless the Irada team for their dedication of Islamic art, every Muslim should try their style. It’s a great piece of art. SubhanAllah. It’s not an average cut, it’s original and special. Thanks behind the scenes to those who worked on it.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2020

    Delivered quickly and exactly as I expected, good workmanship, Alhamdulillah

  • 5
    Vertical Thuluth

    Posted by Izyani ibrahim on 26th Jul 2020

    We very happy with the product the only thing that we are not anticipate is the the thickness of the metal it is much slim that what we expected. Other than that we are happy with the purchase and easily installed.

  • 5

    Posted by Arshia Hussain on 15th Jul 2020

    Good quality. Would have been better if plated on both sides with brushed steel finish though because it is being taken to utilise as a hanging for vehicle. :) (Comment by staff: Insha'Allah we will release a car hang version soon that will be polished on both sides).

  • 5

    Posted by Ilyas Aleem (MI, USA) on 30th Mar 2019

    Majestic piece, highly recommended!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Syeda Asad (NY, USA) on 17th Aug 2018

    I love it!