Allah & Muhammad, Heart (Steel)

Made on demand. Metal artwork usually takes 1–4 weeks to complete.
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As the saying goes, “Neither My earth, nor My heavens can contain Me, but the heart of a believing servant contains Me,” so does this canvas illustrate the essence of Islam — belief in Allah, and in His last Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him — captured in a heart, that of a believer. This belief in the heart is the basis of the unleashing of the greatest amount of moral goodness in the world, leading man to perfect not only himself by following the way of the prophets, but ultimately by being one of the vessels in which the message of tawhid — Allah’s oneness — flows through the ebb and flow of time. The path to this reality is paved by loving Allah and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, more than our very selves, all of which leads only to completion in faith. Let this beautiful artwork, designed exclusively for Irada, remind you of this noble duty by making it a part of your living room, prayer area, or office.

Wording: اللّه، محمد 
 Allah, Muhammad.
Artist: Riyad Tabbal
Script: Diwani (Jali)  
Stainless steel (brushed)
Thickness: Between 1mm – 1.5mm, depending on the size. This is about as thick as most coins. 
How to Apply: Hang it on some nails/screws (you may also use extra-strength double-sided tape along with the nails for extra support).
Variations: There are very subtle variations for each sizes of this artwork.
Note: We do our best to make it spotless and clean but may be slight imperfections on the artwork that will be too subtle to notice at a distance. 
Pieces: Depending on the size you select, the artwork will either come in 1–3 pieces. 
Production Time:
It can take up to 4 weeks to make, with an average of about 10 days. If you need a piece urgently please WhatsApp us at +962 776714633. 
Special Finishing: We may need an extra 2–10 business days if you select a special coated finishing (e.g. gold, copper, black steel).


  • 4
    nice deisgn

    Posted by N adli on 21st Jun 2019

    lovely piece of art and design. the metal piece is more of an antique brass color rather than a nice gold. Quite please with the product except not aware of the preparation time needed to take after you made your order and also the art is in two half-pieces and not in one piece . so to place in on the wall, you need to take time to align them on your own, which is hard if you are alone. need extra hands. I feel the sales service must improve because after you purchase it, you don't know if its coming or not. I have the impression that the product is already ready to be shipped the next day you order it,

  • 5
    Worth It!

    Posted by Nancy W. (Texas, USA) on 2nd Jul 2017

    Lovely pieces. I have 3 of the metal and purchased one of the heavy-grade printed pieces. All are well worth the price. Items arrived in good condition due to obviously being packed very well.