Seerah Canvas Artwork

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“This is an excellent, engaging, and thoughtful presentation of the Life of the Messenger of Allah (peace & blessings be upon him) and some of its key lessons. Perfect for anyone or any family seeking to connect to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his beautiful life.”

—Shaykh Faraz Rabbani

“The entire Sira in one gorgeous poster. It’s a large white canvas with every major event in the Prophet’s ﷺ life described in a newspaper headline with relevant dates, descriptions, and verses beneath each clipping. Besides being beautiful, it’s a great reference to have.

There are over 100 events listed here, making it impossible to ever tire from reading from it. You can look at the poster and learn something new for years.

I highly, highly recommend.”
—Dr Shadee Elmasry, Safina Society
Seerah: Mufti Hussain Kamani

“A stirring and priceless treasure-trove of reliable knowledge about God's most beloved messenger.”

—Shaykh Hamza Karamali, Basira Education

“This Seerah artwork propels the concept of ‘Islamic art’ to innovative heights. Bold and modern in aesthetics, it is bound to draw the interest of all ages and religions. However, it’s real appeal lies in its sheer scope andmeticulously organized material concerning our beloved Prophet ﷺ, which means it can be utilized in a myriad of ways and settings, and I hope, renders it a powerful and interactive tool for learning about the life and teachings of the greatest human being to have lived on this earth.”

—Shaykh Jamir Meah
Key to the Garden Institute

“The first time I saw this amazing Seerah artwork, I was speechless. As a teacher and researcher of the prophetic biography, I began to scan and scrutinize the canvas and realized that not only was every major event included, but many vignettes and lesser-known details were woven in without seeming dry.

For the first time, I saw art come together with knowledge in a deep way. The work can only be described as magisterial and it should grace the walls of every home, mosque and school, because it breathes the words: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him).”

—Shaykh Abdullah Misra
Seerah Song

Fits Any Decor:

The Seerah timeline canvas is absolutely stunning in its layout and artistic style.  We just completed our study of seerah and this timeline made it easy to follow along and learn the important events.  


Having this Seerah timeline displayed in the home helps us become consciously aware of RasulAllah ﷺ and his life every time we see it and read it.  We are reminded about his life and it helps us be more humble as his ummah to follow his ﷺ example.  

We congratulate Irada Arts for their amazing work. MashaAllah tabarakAllah 

The packaging and free gift of decals was much impressive!

—Umm Luqman (USA)

Adorn your home with our exclusive, best-selling and ground-breaking seerah artwork. This is the world's first detail-rich seerah artworks that brings the seerah to life in a way that is not only the perfect conversation starter for guests but serves as a learning tool for your children.

Material: Premium gicleé canvas material for vibrant colors, sharp lettering and exceptional durability.
Artist: Besim Bruncaj

Size: This artwork comes in four standard sizes, two of which (55-IKEA and 78-IKEA) fit perfectly in Ikea's BJÖRKSTA frames.  

Edition: We have a few of our first editions still left which look almost the same as the 2nd edition but are signed, numbered and dated and come with a certificate.

 If you ordered a stretched (wrapped) option, we will need another 1–2 weeks to complete and ship the artwork.


1) ROLLED: The artwork will be shipped as a canvas sheet rolled into a tube. After receiving it you can choose to frame it or get it stretched onto a canvas board at a local frame shop. 

2) STRETCHED: Means that we will stretch the artwork around a wooden board and ship it to you ready to hang. The additional costs for stretching your artwork will be automatically updated when you select it.

See this image as an example of the difference of rolled versus stretched artwork.


  • 5
    Master piece - The first of its kind.

    Posted by Mahboob Rahman on 31st Jul 2021

    Those who can afford, should not hesitate to get a copy of it. Those who truly love our beloved Prophet SM would love this Seerah on canvas.

  • 5
    Seerah Canvas

    Posted by Nasreen Wazir on 6th Apr 2021

    I absolutely love this, I have just placed my second order for my 2nd Seerah Canvas for my niece, as a house warming gift for her beautiful family.

  • 5
    Highly recommended

    Posted by Ismael (United kingdom) on 3rd Dec 2020

    Very good service, informative and fast delivery. Was very happy with the product (the life time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him canvas roll) Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Allah Bless You

    Posted by M. Kazi on 15th Nov 2020

    We had some scouts come to visit the Masjid and have your artwork up on the main wall in the Masjid. I highlighted it in passing. A few minutes later, an 8-year-old kid asks: “Why does it have Jesus written there?” And I thought to myself ... “yes! Da'wa time!” Allah bless you and your work.

  • 5
    It’s Spectacular

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2020

    When I saw the seerah artwork by Irada Arts, it was an instantaneous decision to place it in a prominent hallway on campus. Visitors including non Muslims, kids, families, etc. can stop and get a glance and I plan on having regular visitors win prizes and solve riddles by finding events, times and locations using this incredibly creative educational masterpiece! I have a sensitive design aesthetic and am impressed with everything from the typography and typesetting to the color scheme. It’s a brilliant idea to have this piece at home or your institution and to use it creatively to help yourself and especially younger kids map out the story of the Quran and it’s noble messenger (s)!

  • 5
    Alhamdulilah I love the work you do.

    Posted by N. Kurdi (USA). on 28th Sep 2020

    The seerah artwork is hanging in our new Islamic school and is appreciated by everyone who comes in. Alhamdulilah

  • 5
    Amazing Job!

    Posted by Waseema S. (South Africa) on 16th Sep 2020

    .السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ We finally got to put up the seerah and we love it. مَاشَااَللّٰة You did an amazing job!

  • 5

    Posted by Adam S. (Canada) on 1st Sep 2020

    Allahu Akbar, MashAllah, thank you I much for the wonderful Seerah artwork. Alhamdulillah it’s hanging up in the kids room and they love it. MashAllah Allah swt reward you with endless love of the Rasul inshallah!!!

  • 5
    Masha Allah great work!!!

    Posted by Sophia on 29th Jul 2020

    Ordered the Seerah canvas, a MASTERPIECE!!!. Masha Allah great work! Thank you for all your efforts.