SeerahLife (Kids' Puzzle, 30-Piece)

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Puzzles are the perfect downtime activity for friends & family. This simpler 30-piece puzzle is ideal for youngsters under 5 have some quality time not only solving the puzzle but building a mental map of the Seerah.

Available in a toddler-friendly 30-piece pack, each puzzle comes with large pieces and rounded corners for safety and parental peace of mind. Each puzzle is made with chipboard and comes with a reference photo for problem-solving.

.: Material: laminated chipboard
.: Corners: Rounded corners
.: Box: in a cardboard box with a reference photo
.: Size: 30-piece puzzle - 14" x 11" (35.6 x 28cm)

.: Note: Lots of the smallest details of the artwork will not be that legible at this size, but this 30-piece size was developed less for details of this intricate artwork, and more to help your youngest kids build a visual image of the seerah that they will expand on as they grow up centered around the most central events, those in the biggest font sizes. 
.: Other sizes: You can also purchase versions of this puzzle in 120-pieces, 252-pieces, 500-pieces or 1014 pieces

.: Canvas artwork: We highly recommend getting the much larger, high-resolution canvas version of this Seerah artwork for maximum benefit.