Islamic Canvas Set (5 Artworks)

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This exclusive 6-piece canvas set will instantly transform any room into a perfectly matching gallery. Each artwork was carefully chosen to match with the rest of the pieces in the artwork without enough variance in sizes, shapes, scripts styles and subtle color variance to give the entire set enough energy and vigor to avoid the trap of looking too similar and thus un-interesting. The artworks can be arranged and positioned as you like. Play around with them and see what kind of unique arrangement you can come up with!

Save 30%:
 Buying these artworks in a set instead of individually saves you 30%!
Artists: Ustadh Abbas Baghdadi, Mothana al-Obaidy, Hassan Effendi, Mohamed Al-Behiri, Saleh Nasab, Besim Bruncaj and some ornamental work by Maram al-Hidmi.
Sizes: The smallest size of each artwork is 12" (30cm) allowing you to align them in harmony.

Material: Cotton canvas.
This artwork ships ready-to-hang. Just add some screws to your wall and hang this artwork on them.

Printing Quality: These museum-quality gicleé canvas artworks are printed using the state-of-the-art 12-ink printing that gives a stunning, vibrant range of colors. The inks are natural-based pigments (not synthetic inks like most printers) with unique 100-plus-year anti-fade properties similar to paintings in museum that last for centuries. This means your great grandkids will see the colors as rich as you do. 

Turn Around Time: If you order any of the three smaller size options, it should arrive to your home in 4–10 days. The larger ones can take an additional 1–2 weeks.