Square-Shaped Islamic Wall Art

Browse our vast selection of square pieces of Islamic art in various formats such as metal, wall decals, canvas, and prints  designed by some of the world's best Muslim artists.

They are perfect for spaces that are square shaped.

Classically the square, with its 4 equalllateral sides, is symbolic of the seasons, directions, and the equally essential elements of nature: earth, air, fire, and water and could thus be representative of physical experience and the physical world. They also represent the 4 experiential celestrial beings of sun, earth, moon, and stars. As representative of the seasons and the 4 basics stages of life (birth, childhood, adulthood, and death) it also represents the natural changes and the circle of life. Hidden within all of these is the core that the four sides encompass, the heart for the human being, which the square has represented in some classical works. 

Each piece is a work of art that does what Islamic decor should do: transform your home into a reflection of Allah's Beauty and Majesty.

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