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  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah (Medium)
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad (Cherry Blossom)
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad (Sunset)
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad (Tropical Warhol)
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad (Zoom In)
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah (Medium)

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Allah & Muhammad - Boundless Love (Canvas)

This 2-piece canvas set captures the boundless love Muslims have for both our Lord and our Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim) with its meaning and its intricate beauty of the interweaving Thuluth script — make it a part of your home and rejoice in Allah and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him.

This composition was done by Ustadh Mothana, a world-famous calligraphy master. Although the calligraphy is based on classic Ottoman roundels found in many masjids throughout the world, it is unlike any other. Most roundels were meant to be seen from afar so slight defects are hardly noticeable but in our large decal format that people will get up close to we have to make sure every tiny detail was done just right. 

So with this artwork we had to do something more than just reproduce previous designs … we had to make a composition far greater than others before …

Before Mothana even started he knew exactly what we were looking for: the greatest calligraphy compositions of these beloved names ever produced in the round Thuluth style. He researched the relative strengths and weaknesses of similar compositions by the greatest calligraphers that ever lived and carefully worked through sketches until he completed one that was beautiful enough for him to put his signature on it. When he delivered the original artwork on handmade paper to us he was beaming with joy at the composition. We then analyzed it at an enlarged size and made some slight adjustments to it with the help of our calligraphy and art production team so that it would be as perfect as possible in the larger sized decal formats. 

The end result is this masterpiece set that will sure transform any room you place them in, reminding everyone who enters about who we should love above all others. Once the calligraphy was completed our Art Director, Besim Bruncaj, then made a canvas version to complement the calligraphy to represent the boundless love that leads one to the endless bliss of paradise. The floral compositions is a seamless one that allows you to place them side-by-side or above-and-below to create a seamless garden-like composition. 

Wording: (الله (جلّ جلاله)، محمد (صل الله عليه و سلّم
 Allah (May He be Glorified and Exalted), Muhammad (May Allah bless him and grant him peace).
Transliteration: Allah (Jalla Jalaluhu), Muhammad (Salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim).
Artists: Ustadh Mothana Al-Obaidy & Besim Bruncaj
Script: Thuluth
Material: Canvas
Note: If you ordered a stretched (wrapped) option, we will need another 1–2 weeks to complete and ship the artwork. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Received Countless Compliments

    We are incredibly happy with our artwork chosen from Irada Arts. Your pieces are unique, meaningful, have a wide choice of colours and have MashAllah, helped to make our new house, a home. We have received countless compliments on all the pieces we purchased. JazakAllah!

    — Posted by Nadia S. (Ontario, Canada) on 26th Feb 2018

  2. high quality

    Excellent all around. Products are excellent, and the company is a pleasure to deal with. I purchased several items from them over a few years. They consistently delivered products of high quality that I have adorning my home. I have had no issues with them whatsoever. Highly recommended.

    — Posted by Tariq AlRaisi (Muscat, Oman) on 25th Jul 2017

  3. Exceptional

    The service provided was exceptional. Quality of the products were on par. And the overall experience that Irada Arts was was wonderful and I am looking forward to ordering from them again.

    — Posted by F. Hafsa Abdulcader on 22nd Jul 2017


Artwork Q &A

  • What kind of material is this?: This artwork is made of self-adhesive vinyl that sticks directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to look like it was painted on the wall and will last for 10+ years.
  • What are the surface requirements?: The surface that you place the artwork should simply be flat and smooth. It sticks great on walls, glass, painted canvas, smooth wood, windows and mirrors.
  • Can I frame it?: If you would like to frame the artwork simply buy a blank canvas, paint it and apply our artwork on top. It’s the perfect solution if you have textured walls. Many of our customers have done this and it looks beautiful.
  • I'm renting. Is it easy to remove?: Our decal artworks are ideal for renters as they stick right on the wall without any drills or holes. When it’s time to move simply peel it off.
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad