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$90 - $120

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  • 'Adab of Dhikr' wall decal in a living room. Adab of the Dhikr - Decal د.إ356.28
  • Al-Rahman (Tughra) - Islamic Canvas Artwork (with English) Al-Rahman (Canvas) د.إ319.55
  • Al-Rahman (Tughra) - Islamic copper artwork Al-Rahman Tughra (Metal) د.إ730.93
  • Allah & Muhammad (Round Thuluth) – Decal Allah & Muhammad (Round Thuluth) – Decal د.إ378.32
  • Allah & Muhammad - Rose Gold art Allah & Muhammad, Heart (Metal) د.إ363.63
  • 'Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty' Islamic canvas artwork (Dirari) Allah is Beautiful, Behiri (Canvas) د.إ385.67
  • 'Amana Rasul' high quality Islamic print Amana Rasul - Print Only (Limited Edition) د.إ348.94
  • Bismillah Tughra (Islamic canvas artwork) in Golden Topaz Bismillah Tughra (Canvas) د.إ304.86
  • Bismillah (Tughra) - Antique (rustic) artwork Bismillah Tughra (Metal) د.إ716.24
  • Busy Your Nafs (Swash) – Decal Busy Your Nafs (Swash) – Decal د.إ348.94
  • Custom Names - Metal Heart - Gold Finishing Custom Names - Heart Shape (Metal) د.إ1,193.73
  • 'Eat, Drink & Praise' decal in the Islamic Relief office. Eat, Drink & Praise - Decal د.إ363.63
  • 'House Rules' Islamic wall decal in a Victorian Playbill style. House Rules (Victorian Playbill) – Decal د.إ393.01
  • 7-piece, Islamic calligraphy canvas set (color: sunset) Islamic Canvas Set (7 Artworks) د.إ1,583.06
  • Masha'Allah - Islamic metal art Masha'Allah (Diwani IV) (Metal) د.إ319.55
  • Rabbi & Nabi (My Lord & Prophet) - Decal Rabbi & Nabi (My Lord & Prophet) - Decal د.إ334.24
  • Small Islamic decals placed on a shadow box. Set of Decal Artwork (5 Pieces) د.إ348.94
  • Small Islamic decals placed on a shadow box. Set of Decal Artworks (4 Pieces) د.إ319.55
  • 'Showers of Blessings' Islamic wall decal Showers of Blessings (Thuluth) – Decal د.إ370.97
  • Zarruq's Basic Principles - Decal Zarruq's Basic Principles - Decal د.إ356.28