My Success is Only With Allah - Decal

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Success comes from Allah alone. Let this intricate script recall to us our neediness of Allah's kindness and mercy upon us all. Where would we be without His generosity? Easy wording for the mind and tongue, our heart can feel peace repeating this verse.

Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)


  • 5
    I love it!

    Posted by Abd Syqur (Buffalo, NY) on 22nd Jun 2019

    This decal has changed the energy of my entire home. I love it! Alhumdulilah!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Mariame (Columbia, USA) on 12th Dec 2015

    Good Job!!!! I love your artwork. Masha'Allah

  • 5
    Excellent Reminder to Keep Hubris At Bay

    Posted by Noreha on 29th May 2013

    This is an excellent reminder to all successful people that all our achievements and accomplishments are due to Him. It's also a great motivator for us in our strive for excellence and success. I had this done in gold and have it put up on a dark brown wall I have in my living room. It looks fantastic and what's even better is, I'm reminded to articulate 'Alhamdulillah' each time I look at it. Brings peace to the mind and heart. Thanks too to Irada for this! May you guys be blessed!

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    A believers' first and must choice

    Posted by Farooq alam on 11th Apr 2013

    Salaam … Being a Muslim I've always been an ardent lover of calligraphic arts. I was looking for some eye-catching word of Allah for my desktop wall paper and came across this picture (above). As soon as I visited the website. My eyes filled with tears … I seriously fell in love at first sight. Ever since, I visit the site on every new arrival. I praise it and think that whenever Allah will give me enough finances I'll surely buy this astounding piece of art and will cherish my eyes with it, till I die. I've not bought it, but still, I want not only this one, but every item on the site. I'm writing this review with the same intent that may Allah willing I get a piece in a wild stroke of luck. For the team I've prayers on my tongue. May Allah bless u all. Allah hafiz

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    MashAllah, an elegant design...

    Posted by علي خان on 13th Mar 2013

    MashAllah, an elegant design without the need for frames hooked on walls - very useful If you have a dear mother like ours that loves her frames, so IRADA keeps her happy alhamdulilah. The design is beautiful mashAllah and the meaning moreso. Having a good meaning is definitely the more important of the two alongside the calligraphic design too, so jazakAllah khair for the lovely work produced here. This piece is being used for our prayer room so iA the fact that there is a qur'an ayah that has an inner meaning connected to the outward reality of our prayers allows us to really give shukr to Allah and remember that success is only derived through that which Allah has ordained for us, what better way to have a small reminder up on the wall to know that the sujood we do is also a blessing bestowed to us from Allah jala fil'ulaa.

  • 4
    A beautiful piece of art!

    Posted by –Asia M (UK) on 16th Sep 2012

    I would most definitely recommend this piece of art, not only is the statement profound, but reading and reflecting on it brings about a feeling of strength from within, illustrating the affects of such a beautiful piece of art. The room looks great with it and we have had a fantastic response from others. The art work is simply beautiful. Service is excellent and the delivery of products to a great standard.

  • 5
    Mashaallah. It is beautiful

    Posted by Hasana A (Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA) on 21st Aug 2012

    I love my piece, mashaallah. It is beautiful. I definitely hope to receive blessings as my eye is drawn to the art work and is a constant reminder to praise Allah ta'ala.

  • 4
    Beautiful (slightly complicated)

    Posted by Omar Y (Edmonton, AB, Canada) on 8th Aug 2012

    Masha'Allah this is a beautiful piece. It really fills a room … and it helps to enhance the level of god consciousness in the home. I'd caution that because of its intricacy it's a bit complicated to put up. If you're patient and slow however it pays off.

  • 5
    Very Powerful

    Posted by Sofia A. (Cardiff, UK) on 24th Jul 2012

    Artwork was as expected, visually very powerful and clear instructions on putting it up. I would recommend Irada because it's very easy to place the order, good options of size and colour available. Safe delivery to home address.