Masha'Allah (Geometric Thuluth) – Decal

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A phrase that is often proclaimed in conversations among Muslims, the phrase “Ma sha Allah (“as Allah has willed”), is perfect for every occasion. In it lies the secret to everything that one sees, hears, and experiences – all of it has been decreed by Allah Most High in beginningless eternality. Succinctly put, the first part of the phrase – Ma Sha – here is repeated 5 times around the last part of the phrase – Allah – in a perfect geometric pattern forming a pentagon shape around the sacred name Allah. The centerpiece is an excellent reminder that Allah Most High should be the center of every home, let alone the central point of one’s life. This decal is a perfect piece to put on your front door, above any door, or your living areas. 

This Irada-exclusive artwork is a masterpiece by the upcoming calligrapher Mohanad Qaisy, who recently finished his Masters degree in Arabic calligraphy. His many years of study at the Institute of Traditional Islamic Arts and Architecture, where Sacred Geometry forms the core of the undergraduate curriculum, and years of private study with world-famous calligraphers Ustadh Behiri shows here in this wonderful fusion of calligraphy and geometry. 

Wording: مَا شَاءَ اللَّهُ
Translation: As Allah has willed.
Transliteration: Ma sha Allah
Artist: Mohanad Qaisy
Script: Thuluth
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)


  • 5

    Posted by Rania T on 27th Dec 2021

    This piece of Art is absolutely stunning on any wall

  • 5

    Posted by Faisal Zahra (Canada) on 30th Jun 2016

    This Artwork went up beautifully in my newly renovated home, the order was fast. I received my Artwork in only 5 days and the installation was a piece of cake. Also, the online support team was very friendly and i recommend anyone purchasing any items off this website to refer any friends/family members.

  • 5

    Posted by SM (Abu Dhabi, UAE) on 24th Mar 2015

    This artwork inspires awe, reflects the grandness and majestic presence of Allah.