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Lo, Everything Apart from Allah is Vanity

The Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “The truest words spoken by a poet were the words of [the pre-Islamic poet] Labid. He said, ‘Lo, Everything apart from Allah is vanity…” [Bukhari].

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Product Reviews

  1. Beautiful

    We love this! It was easy to apply after watching Irada's how-to video on YouTube, and took under 10 minutes. It looks beautiful and is a constant reminder. We put ours in our dining room and are going to frame it, inshAllah.

    — Posted by Mary N. from Cary, North Carolina, USA on 10th Jan 2012

  2. Beautiful

    I'd recommend this product for its simplistic beauty, hassle-free application and friendly customer service from Irada Arts.

    — Posted by Z Nayani, United Kingdom on 10th Nov 2011

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Product Details

  • Material: This artwork is made of adhesive vinyl that you can stick directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to almost look like it was painted on the wall but strong enough to last 7–10 years (and often times much longer) when placed indoors but only a couple years if the artwork is placed outdoors.
  • Surface Requirements: The surface that you place the artwork should be flat and smooth (e.g. flat walls, glass, painted canvas, mirrors, etc.). If you recently painted the surface please wait 2 weeks before placing our artwork on it.