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  • "Be and It Is (Kun Fayakun)" Islamic wall decal.
  • "Be and It Is (Kun Fayakun)" Islamic decal

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Be And It Is (Kun Fayakun) – Decal

This is one beautiful composition that will transform almost any vertical space to a reminder of Allah’s complete and unlimited power to change any situation. It will help remind you  that no matter what situation you may find yourself, all it takes is Allah willing to change the situation and it will simply change. In fact, Allah often connects this phrase with things that seem impossible for disbelievers such as the creation of Adam from dirt, Jesus being born without a father, and our ressurection after death. He also connects it in regards to his unlimited power when He describes His creation of the heavens and earth.  It is so central to our belief that Allah has made it one of the most common phrases found in the Quran, occuring eight times so that we never forget that we are only one accepted dua away from having any difficult situation changed for us. 

This lovely composition was masterfully produced by one of the world’s most influential calligraphers, Ustadh Mohammed Behiri to capture the spirit of this powerful Divine saying.

Wording: كُن فَيَكُونُ (large central letters);   إِذَا قَضَىٰ أَمْرًا فَإِنَّمَا يَقُولُ لَهُ (small oval shape)
Translation: “If He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only” (small oval shape); “‘Be’ and it is!” (large central letters); 
Source: The Holy Quran: 3:47
Artist: Ustadh Mohammad Behiri
Script: Thuluth
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)

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Product Reviews

  1. Beautiful in Every Aspect

    Accurate date of delivery was very important to me, it is a piece of art beautiful in every aspect.
    I wish the metal art was cheaper though

    — Posted by Mai Z. (Ohio, USA) on 22nd Aug 2018

  2. Centre of Attention

    Alhamdulilaah I am very pleased with the piece. It’s the perfect verse for hope and is perfect for our clinic. We received the delivery promptly and was updated throughout its journey with DHL.

    I would have appreciated some instructions on how to put this up as I needed assistance. Initially the art work didn’t stick to the clear tape so it had to be scratched on and then again scratched on to stick onto the wall. Alhamdulilaah it was displayed well in the end.

    I would order again from Irada as the product itself is amazing.

    — Posted by Umm Ayyub on 7th Nov 2017

  3. So Happy!

    Thank you for creating this composition. This came at a perfect time for me. I placed it in my studio and absolutely love it. It arrive in record time and perfectly packed. My wish is that you create this in metal. Many thanks for you beautiful art.

    — Posted by Veronique Sellies on 1st Sep 2017


Artwork Q &A

  • What kind of material is this?: This artwork is made of self-adhesive vinyl that sticks directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to look like it was painted on the wall and will last for 10+ years.
  • What are the surface requirements?: The surface that you place the artwork should simply be flat and smooth. It sticks great on walls, glass, painted canvas, smooth wood, windows and mirrors.
  • Can I frame it?: If you would like to frame the artwork simply buy a blank canvas, paint it and apply our artwork on top. It’s the perfect solution if you have textured walls. Many of our customers have done this and it looks beautiful.
  • I'm renting. Is it easy to remove?: Our decal artworks are ideal for renters as they stick right on the wall without any drills or holes. When it’s time to move simply peel it off.
  • "Be and It Is (Kun Fayakun)" Islamic wall decal.