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Multi-Colored Decals

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  • 'Allah is Beautiful' wall decal in black and red. Allah is Beautiful & Loves Beauty (Behiri) – Decal AUD $107.40
  • Ayat Al-Kursi & Dua for Ayn – Decal Ayat Al-Kursi & Dua for Ayn – Decal AUD $278.08
  • 'Ayat al-Kursi' Islamic wall decal Ayat Al-Kursi (Round Kanan) – Decal AUD $366.35
  • 'Muawadatayn' Islamic wall decal set Falaq & Nas by Mothana - Decal AUD $225.11
  • A black & red “Masha'Allah” decal placed on a mirror. Masha'Allah (Geometric Thuluth) – Decal AUD $136.83
  • Close up of this Al-Rahman wall decal in Tughra style above a media table. Which of Your Lord's Favors Will You Deny? (Tughra) – Decal AUD $113.29
  • Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum - Islamic wall decal Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum – Decal AUD $72.09