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Islamic Wall Decals in English

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  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Adab of the Dhikr (Tanzanite) Adab of the Dhikr (Canvas) $59.00
  • 'Adab of Dhikr' wall decal in a living room. Adab of the Dhikr - Decal $97.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Allah & Muhammad Allah & Muhammad - Boundless Love (Canvas) $95.00
  • Busy Your Nafs (Roman Carving) – Decal Busy Your Nafs (Roman Carving) – Decal $71.00
  • Busy Your Nafs (Swash) – Decal Busy Your Nafs (Swash) – Decal $95.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Eat, Drink & Praise (Ruby Sand dunes) Eat, Drink & Praise (Canvas) $51.00
  • 'Eat, Drink & Praise' decal in the Islamic Relief office. Eat, Drink & Praise - Decal $99.00
  • Islamic "House Rules" print ("NO") in an ÖRKENED frame. House Rules (2-Piece Print Set) $39.00
  • House Rules (Plain) – Decal House Rules (Plain) – Decal $125.00
  • 'House Rules' Islamic wall decal in a Victorian Playbill style. House Rules (Victorian Playbill) – Decal $107.00
  • If You Are Grateful (Swash) - Decal If You Are Grateful (Swash) - Decal $79.00 $63.00
  • Invoke (Swash) – Decal Invoke (Swash) – Decal $89.00
  • Rejoice - Decal Rejoice - Decal $83.00
  • Rumi's Opening of the Mathnavi - Decal Rumi's Opening of the Mathnavi - Decal $55.00
  • Single Soul (Swash) – Decal Single Soul (Swash) – Decal $79.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Whatsoever Blessings (Contemplation) Whatsoever Blessings (Canvas) $59.00
  • Islamic Canvas Artwork: Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum (Munajat) Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum (Canvas) $89.00
  • Zarruq's Basic Principles - Decal Zarruq's Basic Principles - Decal $97.00

English Islamic Art

Browse our vast selection of unique pieces of English Islamic art in beautiful formats such as decals and posters designed by some of the world's best Muslim artists. Our Islamic decals in elegant English typography and scripts are the perfect way to inspire you to draw closer to your Lord.

They are perfect for da'wah purposes or if you want Islamic art that all around you can understand.  

Each piece is a work of art that does what Islamic decor should do: transform your home into a reflection of Allah's Beauty and Majesty.

Remember: We have a 365-day return policy with 100% satisfaction guarantee which means no-risk shopping for you.

What are you waiting for? Buy some Islamic wall decals in English from Irada today!