Eat, Drink & Praise (Canvas)

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Gratitude upon each meal is truly loved by Allah. This hadith is the greatest reminder to thank your Lord for the diverse and flavorful bounty He has generously bestowed you. A tasteful message for families to reflect on daily at mealtimes and for children to be reminded of throughout childhood. Allow this hadith’s meaning to envelop your heart in deep gratitude to Allah, while turning your kitchen or dining room into a place of profound inner worship.

Wording: Verily Allah is well-pleased that a servant should eat a meal and praise him for it and take a drink and praise him for it.
Source: Hadith (Sahih Muslim)
Artist: Besim Bruncaj
Script: Cursive (Mannerist Style)
Material: Canvas
Note: If you ordered a stretched (wrapped) option, we will need another 1–2 weeks to complete and ship the artwork.