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Ustadh Mohammed Behiri

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  • 'Allah is Beautiful' wall decal in black and red. Allah is Beautiful & Loves Beauty (Behiri) – Decal د.إ268.13
  • 'Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty' Islamic canvas artwork (Dirari) Allah is Beautiful, Behiri (Canvas) د.إ253.44
  • Ayat Al-Kursi & Dua for Ayn – Decal Ayat Al-Kursi & Dua for Ayn – Decal د.إ694.20
  • Kun Fayakun - Islamic metal art, stainless steel Be & It is - Kun Fayakun (Steel) د.إ326.90
  • "Be and It Is (Kun Fayakun)" Islamic wall decal. Be And It Is (Kun Fayakun) – Decal د.إ238.75
  • Bismillah (Diwani Oval) – Decal Bismillah (Diwani Oval) – Decal د.إ202.02
  • Dua for Parents - Steel Artwork Forgive Me & My Parents (Steel) د.إ554.62
  • 'Lord Forgive Me & My Parents' Islamic wall decal in bronze Forgive Me & My Parents – Decal د.إ194.67
  • 3-piece, Islamic calligraphy canvas set (color: red) Islamic Canvas Set (3 Artworks) د.إ550.95 د.إ473.82
  • 5-piece, Islamic calligraphy canvas set (color: aquamarine) Islamic Canvas Set (5 Artworks) د.إ1,164.34 د.إ730.93
  • 7-piece, Islamic calligraphy canvas set (color: sunset) Islamic Canvas Set (7 Artworks) د.إ1,465.53 د.إ1,024.77
  • Masha'Allah - Islamic metal art Masha'Allah (Diwani IV) - Steel د.إ348.94
  • ‘Masha'Allah’ Islamic wall decal Masha'Allah (Diwani IV) – Decal د.إ165.29
  • Ya Mughni – Decal Ya Mughni – Decal د.إ179.98 د.إ161.43
  • Your God is One (Thuluth) – Decal Your God is One (Thuluth) – Decal د.إ128.56