‘He Loves Them & They Love Him’ Sculpture (Limited Edition)

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This stunning, limited edition sculpture transform your home. This artwork is currently on display in Kuwait as a centerpiece in an experimental calligraphy display. This is a wonderful investment that should multiply in value over the years while providing a uplifting reminder of this powerful dua, which some ahaha said was one of the most common duas of the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallim)

Artist: Dr Mothana Al-Obaidy
Material: Brass
Frame Size: 60 cm x 70cm (approximately)   
Translation: He loves them, and they love Him.   
Source: Quran   
Availability: 9 limited-edition sculptures will be made by the artist
Production Time: Please wait 1–4 weeks for the completion of your sculpture, which will be based on current workload and travel schedule. 
Shipping: Please note that because of the size and weight of this sculpture, this item does not qualify for any free shipping offers.

Note: Because this is an original artwork we can not accept any orders of it with a discount coupons applied.