Shipping Info

Simple Shipping Cost

We have a simple flat charge of $14.95 per order for express shipping to most countries in the world on most decals, prints and rolled canvas artworks.

For other items (e.g. steel artwork, stretched canvas artworks, large decals), the shipping rate will depend on the weight of the artwork. You can always check the shipping costs in your shopping cart (click ‘Estimate Shipping & Tax’ part in the cart page) before progressing to checkout to know what you will be charged. 


Shipping Time

Being that we have one production facility for an international clientele and almost all of our artwork is made to order the average time for artwork to be produced, shipped, and arrive at your place generally is about 2–9 days (give or take a couple of days) for decals, prints and rolled canvas.

The shipment time after production is usually quick with averages (using our global express option) of about 2–5 days to most of the US and Canada, 2 days to the UK, 3 days to Europe, 1–2 days to the Middle East, 2–4 days to South-East Asia, and 2–4 days to Australia. That's faster than many domestic shipments take! Not that shabby at all!

Irada is transforming the international online shopping experience and you can be a part of it! Make an order with us and experience what international shipping should be like.

To ease any concern you have about shipping we include tracking with each order so that you can track your order's every step from our office to your doorstep of your soon-to-be Irada-cized home.

Oversized and/or Heavy Items

Please note that there are some special items that are considered oversized and/or heavy (e.g. framed artwork, steel artwork and stretched canvas artwork) which may have additional shipping fees. You can see your shipping costs prior to checkout for these items by clicking on the “Estimate Shipping & Tax” button in your cart page.

Some items also require additional production time, such as stretched canvas (1–2 weeks extra) and metalwork (1–5 weeks). Please also note that if you order a mix of oversized (e.g. metal or stretched canvas) and rolled products (such as decals or prints) they will be shipped all together when all products are ready for shipment.  

Customs, Duties & Taxes

We simply hate them. Nothing ruins a shopping experience like finding out your order is being held up at customs and you have to pay some unexpected fee. Fortunately, the vast majority (over 90%) of orders get quickly through customs. We are not talking about weeks or days: they almost always get it through the border within an hour or two.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule (particularly India, which does charge duties). We can't keep up with the changing rules in every country so we can’t be held responsible if your country decides to charge you or change it’s rates. However, up to date, we've had thousands of international orders and other than orders to India, only a few times has an order been held up by unruly customs departments.

* So although customs are rarely charged (less than 5% of our orders), we unfortunately can’t be responsible for customs you may face.


If you have any questions in regards to processing and/or shipping, please do not hesitate to emails us at

P.S. To further remove any shopping concerns you have, we have created a generous 100%, 365-day return policy. Read our FAQs to learn more.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Irada art now and transform your home into a beautiful, majestic reminder of the Divine today!