Illume of Hearts – Decal

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At the forefront of the Message of Allah was the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, and following him were some of the greatest men that ever lived. Not only were they blessed to keep the company of the best of creation, but they also served this Ummah wholeheartedly and sacrificed their lives for the sake of Allah:
Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, was the Prophet’s, peace and blessings be upon him, closest companion and he lead the Muslims after the Prophet’s passing. Following Abu Bakr were the rest of the four rightly-guided caliphs, including the valorous Umar, the generous Uthman, and the lion of Allah Ali, may Allah be pleased with them all. Hassan and Hussein, the two grandchildren of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and the sons of Ali, were the last two descendants of the Prophet living during his lifetime and after his demise.
The significance of each of these figures depicted by the decals are only well-known by almost every Muslim, and their stories and legends continue to resonate in many Muslims’ families. Rejoice in Allah and His Messenger — peace and blessings be upon him — and celebrate the exemplary role models Allah placed on this earth following the passing of the Prophet through the beauty emanated by these incredible decals.

Artist: Ustadh Mothana Al-Obaidy
Script: Thuluth
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)


  • 5
    Top Quality

    Posted by Hassan on 8th Apr 2019

    Really good product. I easily put it on by using the youtube video.

  • 5
    Unique calligraphic designs

    Posted by Maryam I. (Australia) on 9th Feb 2014

    Irada has some unique designs and despite the price I will definitely come back for more as I am very happy with the overall effect. Absolutely love the new wall decorations masha-Allah.

  • 5
    What is in a name?

    Posted by Nizar on 11th Jun 2013

    "A tiger dies and leaves its hide; a man passes and leaves his name" Having these beautiful art pieces of the names of the foremost individuals in Islam serve to remind us of the many lessons and struggles that they have gone through, as an inspiration for our lives as Muslims in these challenging times. They are of exemplary character - and much can be learnt from reflecting upon their lives. May Allah bless them all, and bless us for loving and trying to follow in their footsteps.