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Begin everything in the name of Allah, the All-merciful, the Compassionate. One of the oft-uttered phrases in Islam, the basmala is an important reminder of remember Allah in our dealings with others, in our personal lives, and in many other situations. Let this short yet weighty phrase accompany your own words and works, and let the mention of the All-merciful and the Compassionate be a source of blessing in it for you. It's masterfully written by Ustadh Mothana in the Tughra script style, a famous style that was originally developed by Ottoman Sultans for their official seal. It is used here to remind you of the ultimate seal of good works: beginning one’s actions in the name of God, seeking therein His mercy.

Wording:  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ و بِهِ نَستَعِين.
Translation: ّIn the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate (large central letters), and with Him we seek help (small lettering)
Transliteration: Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem (large), Wa bihi nasta'eem (small)
Source: The Holy Quran, 1:1 (large) and a dua 
Artist: Ustadh Mothana Al-Obaidy
Script: Tughra
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)


  • 5

    Posted by ZP (Michigan, USA) on 16th May 2018

    Beautiful artwork. Amazing service. Such a pleasure shopping here

  • 5

    Posted by Muhammad Yahya Mukati (Karachi, Pakistan) on 10th May 2018

    The quality of goods are excellent but the company must review their prices.

  • 4

    Posted by Mohammed Khan on 18th Jan 2017

    Another wonderful piece. It's my hope we all can place these in our Mosques here in US and around the world.

  • 5

    Posted by Shahira Castillo on 10th Feb 2016

    Amazingly beautiful. I ordered the 5xl size which is very big. Yet it only took 2 hours total for my dad and two more to place. Alhamdulillah. The immediate response of the first person that saw it was “MashaAllah.” The video was very easy to understand and although my father doesn't speak English the video was enough. JazakAllah Kayr. Salam

  • 5
    Beautiful artwork!

    Posted by Inas (NY, USA) on 12th Dec 2015

    Beautiful artwork! Arrived earlier than expected. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Great product and service

    Posted by Amal.Z on 16th Oct 2015

    This product has added a lot of beauty and it is a great reminder of always starting actions with Bismillah. The quality of the product is excellent and it was easy to install.

  • 5
    Second Purchase from Irada

    Posted by AbdulRahman Abutaleb on 25th Aug 2015

    Once again Irada delivers quality and beauty. I got the golden bismillah and I placed it close to a window that is perpendicular to it. Now with every sunset and sunrise i get a gradient of golden colors across the piece. I also placed a dim lamp close to it which gives it a beautiful orange color throughout the night. 5 stars.

  • 5
    Excellent service and value for money

    Posted by Adeel A. (Manchester, UK) on 21st Dec 2014

    It was adored by everyone who visits the house, Ma Sh Allah.

  • 5
    Unique & Beautiful

    Posted by Nina D. (Derby, UK) on 15th Dec 2014

    Loved the artwork. Had not seen anything like it before. My room looks wonderful. Many compliments received about artwork. Only fault was application was time consuming fiddly and difficult. However once applied looked beautiful. Beautiful artwork. Exceptional quality and great service. Can not fault at all.