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Basmala (Tughra)

Begin everything in the name of Allah, the All-merciful, the Compassionate. One of the oft-uttered phrases in Islam, the basmala is an important reminder of remember Allah in our dealings with others, in our personal lives, and in many other situations. Let this short yet weighty phrase accompany your own words and works, and let the mention of the All-merciful and the Compassionate be a source of blessing in it for you. It's masterfully written by Ustadh Mothana in the Tughra script style, a famous style that was originally developed by Ottoman Sultans for their official seal. It is used here to remind you of the ultimate seal of good works: beginning one’s actions in the name of God, seeking therein His mercy.

Wording:  بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ و بِهِ نَستَعِين.
Translation: ّIn the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate (large central letters), and with Him we seek help (small lettering)
Transliteration: Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem (large), Wa bihi nasta'eem (small)
Source: The Holy Quran, 1:1 (large) and a dua 
Artist: Ustadh Mothana Al-Obaidy
Script: Tughra

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Product Reviews

  1. Magnificent

    Great product. It is a beautiful addition to our family room and has given the room a unique touch which lifts up the room beautifully.

    — Posted by Saira (Ontario, Canada) on 20th Jan 2014

  2. Reflection of light

    We purchased the copper colored version of this piece. The interplay of light on it as the sun shifts throughout the day is quite beautiful.

    — Posted by Unknown on 7th May 2013

  3. Wow!

    “Beautiful and cooool!” is what my daughter said about this artwork which I have placed in her room. It is a constant reminder to begin and end your day with the name of Allah.

    — Posted by Hana Siraj on 30th Apr 2013

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Product Details

  • Material: This artwork is made of adhesive vinyl that you can stick directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to almost look like it was painted on the wall but strong enough to last several years indoors and about 2–4 years outdoors. If you need stronger material for outdoor use please fill out a customization request here.
  • Surface Requirements: The surface that you place the artwork should be flat and smooth (e.g. flat walls, glass, painted canvas, mirrors, etc.). If you recently painted the surface please wait 2 weeks before placing our artwork on it.
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