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Whatsoever Blessing You Have - Decal

Whatsoever blessings you have, it is from Allah. This Qur'anic ayah from Surah Nahl expresses the generosity Allah shows His creation. Elegantly designed by the world renowned and master calligrapher, al-Baghdadi, it is a beautiful piece which inspires gratitude, for all blessings are from Him.

Wording: { وَمَا بِكُم مِّن نِّعْمَةٍ فَمِنَ اللهِ }
 Whatsoever blessings you have is from God 
Transliteration: Wa ma bikum min ni‘matin fa mina Allahi.
Source: The Holy Quran, 16:53 
Artist: Ustadh Abbas Baghdadi
Script: Thuluth (Jali)
Material: Adhesive decal (for flat surfaces only)
Note: A small size of this artwork is also available in our 5-Pack Artwork Set

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Product Reviews

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  1. Unique Designs

    I would recommend Irada Arts because of the unique designs, superb quality and fast shipping MashaAllah
    The Price was a bit Much
    But it was indeed worth it as no one enters the room without complimenting it

    — Posted by Heba E. (KSA) on 13th Dec 2014

  2. Elegant Touch

    When we FINALLY did our Majlis (Arabian-Themed Floor Sitting Room) We needed something to put on the wall, but not the usual decor)

    THIS GAVE THE ROOM A BEAUTIFUL TOUCH, In Brown it added a warmth and elegance that nothing else couldve done. And Every Person that is invited Complements It MashaAllah

    — Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2014

  3. Beautiful piece of artwork

    What a lovely reminder to myself and my family, day in and day out. Looks beautiful on our wall mashaAllah. This is my favourite calligraphic work. SubhanAllah, beautiful and intricate pieces of artwork, and very fast shipping. I was concerned about how to put it up, and if I'd be able to do it properly without damaging it. It was easier to put up than I had imagined, Alhamdulillah. :)

    — Posted by Saima on 26th Jul 2014

  4. Beautiful

    We place this at the entrance of our kitchen as a reminder of the blessings that we have from him. Beautiful!!

    — Posted by Lindawati Jailanee (Singapore) on 15th Feb 2014

  5. Eye catching

    I placed this at top of my stairs so that I can see it as I go to all the rooms in my home. It reminds me everytime of the blessings that Allah (SWT) bestows me with everyday. It's a very elegant design and imparts the feeling I want to set in my home: to always have gratitude to the Almighty.

    — Posted by Hana Siraj on 30th Apr 2013

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Artwork Q &A

  • What kind of material is this?: This artwork is made of self-adhesive vinyl that sticks directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to look like it was painted on the wall and will last for 10+ years.
  • What are the surface requirements?: The surface that you place the artwork should simply be flat and smooth. It sticks great on walls, glass, painted canvas, smooth wood, windows and mirrors.
  • Can I frame it?: If you would like to frame the artwork simply buy a blank canvas, paint it and apply our artwork on top. It’s the perfect solution if you have textured walls. Many of our customers have done this and it looks beautiful.
  • I'm renting. Is it easy to remove?: Our decal artworks are ideal for renters as they stick right on the wall without any drills or holes. When it’s time to move simply peel it off.
  • Whatsoever Blessing You Have - Decal