Wall Decals - Application Instructions

Below you’ll find both written and video instructions on how to apply a wall decal artwork.


Your Irada Art has three layers—the transfer paper (clear), the design, and the paper backing. Also, included with your Irada Art is a gift and sample of an Irada Art with which you can practice.

Besides your Irada Art, you will need:

  1. A dry cloth or a dry and clean sponge
  2. Painting or masking tape
  3. A burnishing tool (e.g. debit card, driver's license)
  4. Pencil and eraser
  5. A level

The Steps:

Preparing surface for decal

1. Prepare Surface

Before starting, make sure the surface of your wall is smooth, clean, and dry. Get a clean and dry sponge and wipe away any dust, cobwebs, or the like.

  • Irada Arts are made for smooth surfaces. Rocky or bumpy surfaces are not advised. We are not responsible for any peeling, damage, or the like if you have not placed it on a normal smooth surface.
  • If your walls are freshly painted, then please wait at least two weeks before applying your Irada Art. After 2 weeks it is definitely safe to put on.
Plan your design

2. Level Your Design

Before actually applying your Irada Art, hold it up to your desired location by taping the top two corners. Make sure your Irada Art is level and centered. Stand back and see if you like it there. If you like there, then it is time to mark the wall to hold that spot.

  • Level – You can ensure that your Irada Art is level by using a level, an iPhone or Andriod level app, or a laser level. A laser level will not only assist you in installing your Irada Art, but it is also very useful around the house. An example of a simple laser level is Stanley 77-188 S2 Laser Level Square for about $20.

While your Irada Art is taped up, mark the top or bottom corners of your Irada Art with a pencil. Once you have a pencil mark on the wall, you may remove the Irada Art. 


3. Applying the Art

Peel away the decal backing

3a. Lay it Down and Peel the Backing Off

Now that you have decided and marked where your Irada Art will go, it is time for the installation. Our first step is to transfer the weight of the Irada Art to the transfer paper. To do this, lay the Irada Art down on a hard surface (preferably on a table) with the design faced down and paper back faced up. You may now peel away the paper backing exposing the adhesiveness of the artwork and the front (clear) application layer.

Start at any corner slowly and peel away the paper backing, pulling closely to the surface. If your Irada Art sticks to the paper backing while peeling, just simply roll back some, push the Irada Art onto the transfer paper, and peel it off again. Make sure that you do not to touch the artwork's adhesive as you peel off the backing as doing so will weaken the adhesive strength.


3c. Put the wall decal on

3c. Put It On (… You're Almost There)

Once you have peeled off the paper backing, it is time to apply your Irada Art on the wall. If your Irada Art is reasonably big, we suggest asking someone to help.

Align the exposed Irada Art with the marking that you made on the wall, holding the bottom two corners out so the Irada Art does not touch the wall. Once aligned, you may start applying the Irada Art. Using a credit card or driver’s license and starting at one corner, press and smooth out the Irada Art up against the wall, then continue down to the rest of the Irada Art.


Removing Transfer Paper

4. Finally, Remove Transfer Paper!

After applying the Irada Art, the last step is to remove the transfer paper. Starting at one corner, remove the transfer paper, pulling closely to the surface. If any part of the Irada Art sticks to the transfer paper or comes off, simple stop pulling and roll back a bit. Repress the Irada Art on the wall then continue peeling. After peeling away the transfer paper, if your Irada Art has any bubbles or did not stick properly, simply take a credit card, driver’s license, or even your finger and smooth away.

…and there you have it. Mabruk! Stand back, take a deep breath, and say “al-Hamdulillah.”


Removing Instructions

Peel away the decal backing

Removing Your Irada Art

If you ever decide that it is time to remove your Irada Art, simply pick at an edge and peel it off slowly. If your Irada Art has been up for a long time, you can blow dry it first (set on low heat) and then peel it off. Before throwing away your Irada Art, you should cut the Arabic letters and sacred words with a pair of scissors.

  • Although Irada Arts are removable, unfortunately, they are not reusable. However if you do move within one year of your purchase you can let us know and we'll send you a replacement piece for 50% off.
  • Depending on the age or condition of the painted surface, minor touch-ups may be necessary.
  • Once Arabic letters and sacred words are cut, they are no longer considered Arabic or sacred and placing them in the trash bin is fine.