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Islamic wall art will transform your home into a reflection of the Divine
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Islamic Wall Art

We design and offer the most stunning Islamic artwork available anywhere. These bold and beautiful wall arts are made by world greatest calligraphers and artists who are perfectionists in their work, are teachers in some of the world’s most prestigious universities and have their artworks featured in presigious galleries. Their masterpieces that are exclusively available at Irada are the ones that masters of this great craft will be referring to for centuries.

Customized Islamic Art

Need a unique Islamic design for your home, masjid, or office? We have a staff of master calligraphers, designers, and artists who will take your specs and create a unique masterpiece for you.

As far as Islamic decor goes, customized Islamic decals from Irada are perfect for giving your room a personalized, unique look. Order your very own Islamic artwork that has a special significance to you. Submit your customized Islamic art request here»

Decals, Metal & Canvas Artworks

Our Islamic wall decals look like they were painted directly on your wall because they are made of super-thin, adhesive, matte material. Installing these Islamic wall stickers are very easy (see our decal applications guides and is perfect for giving your room an instant spiritually uplifting Islamic decor. What are you waiting for? Browse our catalog of Islamic Decals»

Our Islamic metal artwork have the simplicity of our decals but adds a slight 3D effect that decals don’t and can be taken with you wherever you go. Installing them is very simple: simply hang them up with a few nails and screws unto your walls and ‘voila!’ The metal gives them a feeling of strength and the interplay of light on them is beautiful to behold and will transform your decor. What are you waiting for? Browse our catalog of Islamic Metal Artwork»

Our Islamic Canvas Artwork has the portibility that our metal artwork has but has something that decals and metal artwork don't have: a full-range of colors. These painting masterpieces use the latest printing technology to give you a full-range of colors using natural pigment inks that don't fade for 100 years or more. These canavas paintings come in many sizes and colors so you will find many compositions that fit your color scheme perfectly. If you want a simple and affordable way to instantly make dhikr a key part of your Islamic-themed home decor these are the perfect choice. What are you waiting for? Browse our catalog of Islamic Canvas Artworks»