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Shahada (Kufic)

This classic kufic design reminds one of the most fundamental purpose of one's life for it is the key to heaven and all good. It is the precious declaration of faith: “La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadun Rasul Allah” — “There is no god except God, Muhammad is His messenger.”

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Product Reviews

  1. Everyone says it looks great

    I purchased the kufic style shahaadah for my car. The staff were more than happy to mirror the image for me so I could apply it inside my rear windscreen, and so long as the glass was cleaned with soapy water and dried thoroughly I couldn't believe how easy it was to put up. It literally took me 10 minutes! Not to mention all the comments I get on it, everyone says it looks great. Neat and small but not over the top or extravagant and I've even had non Muslim friends asking me about it and what it means.

    — Posted by A. SalehMahomed (Melbourne, Australia) on 2nd Dec 2012

  2. it turned out better than i expected! it was perfect!

    I ordered this Irada art in a white colour. I knew it was what I wanted when I saw it on the website but when I received it and applied it it looked better than I thought it would. It was perfect masha Allah! So neat and tidy, just the perfect size, and people are always admiring it. Another plus is even my non-Muslims friends say they like it and ask what it means. The staff are amazing masha Allah and your order doesn't take much time to get to you all neatly packaged so it doesn't get damaged. I will definitely be buying more Irada art in the future insha Allah. Would recommend it to anyone!

    — Posted by An-Najm on 20th Nov 2012

  3. Very Beautiful

    Very imposing and adds a presence to the room.

    — Posted by Hassan M. (Canada) on 11th Mar 2012

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Product Details

  • Material: This artwork is made of adhesive vinyl that you can stick directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to almost look like it was painted on the wall but strong enough to last 7–10 years (and often times much longer) when placed indoors but only a couple years if the artwork is placed outdoors.
  • Surface Requirements: The surface that you place the artwork should be flat and smooth (e.g. flat walls, glass, painted canvas, mirrors, etc.). If you recently painted the surface please wait 2 weeks before placing our artwork on it.