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Muhammad - Square Kufic

He is the biggest blessing to our Ummah—and to the universe. He is the brightest moon in the darkest of skies. His name is written on the Throne of Allah, Most High. Poems have been written about him throughout the centuries. We find that the more we come to know him, our love for him only increases. He is our prophet, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Grace your home with his name written in an unique geometric Kufic script. Remember and be reminded of the blessings he gave us, al-Islam, and find your heart's warmth develop into a deep longing for him.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Very beautiful

    This piece is ideal for a sidewall. Very nice work. Can be put as a square or a diamond.

    — Posted by Hassan M. (Canada) on 11th Mar 2012

  2. So Easy To Apply!

    My husband and I were a little intimidated to put up such a big piece (we got the XL) but we found that applying the Irada Arts was not only easy but fun. From a design standpoint, this art is classy, modern, and very unique. I plan on giving Irada Art Gift Cards as house warming gifts from now on since I truly believe that this kind of art matches our time and values.

    — Posted by Farah A. on 9th Nov 2011

  3. Inspiring Product

    Irada Arts provides a very beautiful product. I have three of their works as well as one customized piece on it's way (one of which is the Kufic Muhammad). Each piece has certainly brought life and freshness into my home. It's not just a work or art but a form of dhikr, I notice an increase in my heart each day that I casually gaze at it. Thank you Irada Arts for an inspiring product and wonderful service.

    — Posted by Aysha - Sydney, Australia on 24th Sep 2011

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Product Details

  • Material: This artwork is made of adhesive vinyl that you can stick directly to your wall. It’s thin enough to almost look like it was painted on the wall but strong enough to last 7–10 years (and often times much longer) when placed indoors but only a couple years if the artwork is placed outdoors.
  • Surface Requirements: The surface that you place the artwork should be flat and smooth (e.g. flat walls, glass, painted canvas, mirrors, etc.). If you recently painted the surface please wait 2 weeks before placing our artwork on it.